Give me feedback!

Turn your Canva design into a collaborative space and leverage the power of feedback!

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Feedback made easy

Boost and perfect your design with a quick and simple process.

  • Don't shy away from saying 'Give me feedback!' because you dread the back and forth and can't afford to waste all that time and effort!
  • Forget downloading, uploading, emailing, printing, going through cut n' paste exercises, and other fiddly activities just to get your designs reviewed or approved!

Say GOODBYE to the old, manual, stressful way of sharing and reviewing content and say HELLO to an intuitive digital experience that will save you time and will fit easily into your workflow.

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How does it work?

The magic happens by pressing a button.

Timewise Reviews works as a browser extension. There is no installation nor uploads required. Once you've added it to your browser you are ready to go. As soon as you open a Canva design our app will detect it and activate our revision and feedback button.


  • Click on the design and start adding comments.
  • Each click initiates a new conversation and leaves a numbered marker on your page. Markers can be dragged and re-positioned. 
  • Replies to comments, mentions and attachments are consolidated and linked to the related marker for easy retrieval.

Move your review and feedback process online, and make sure that anything you build with Canva - logos, brochures, signage, websites, social media posts, sales vouchers, documents, lead generation materials - truly promotes and supports your brand and marketing message.

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Perfect and transform your design

It's so easy to overlook mistakes when you're too close to your work.

1. Page Mark-up

Discover high-impact issues. Invite others 'with a sharper eye for details' to comment on your design layout, or catch grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes that could damage your brand and customer experience.

  • On-screen annotations tools to mark-up design.
  • Numbered markers to pin-point location of feedback so you can find comments instantly.
  • Information and attachments consolidated in one place and linked to markers for easy retrieval.
  • Conversation threads that are locked on the spot eliminating slippage down the page.
  • Tags to locate and sort through information.
2. Communication and Collaboration

Design better, together. Use our in-built messaging system to discuss ideas, ask questions, gather inspiration and clarify information. Share photos, videos and other resources to enrich your design.

  • An integrated messaging system that allows you to connect with others from within your design, even if reviewers don't have a Canva account.
  • A way of recording feedback and keeping track of request for changes and approvals.
  • A tracking system for review cycles
  • A consolidated retrieval system for information and attachments.
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Save time to focus more on your business.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your powerful visuals combined with a clear, typo-free, accurate text will create an impeccable first impression and help build a positive consumer perception and feeling towards you and your brand.

And by using our application which connects instantly with your Canva design, the entire process is fast, easy, intuitive, saving you heaps of time to spend where it matters the most to you.

Stop wasting time and energy reviewing your designs the old, slow, stressful, manual way!

Stop feeling embarrassed doing your proofreading AFTER you hit the 'Send' or 'Upload' button!

Stop wasting money re-printing designs due to sneaky mistakes!

Design anything with Canva. Print anything with Canva.
But first, make sure you check, get feedback and proofread everything with Timewise Reviews!

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We are starting to build a Timewise Reviews community to discuss and share ideas as our app evolves.
We would love for you to join and have your say!

Timewise Reviews is an initiative born from our work with Briefboards
(A content revision and communication application for elearning).

We are using our past experience of building Briefboards to develop a Canva Extension that can create a similar digital review experience for our Canva built designs!

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